Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When you're busy having fun....

Hi Grandpa, yes,I finally blogged! I kept thinking of you checking and maybe checking again,and again and nothing new! Well,here I am! ;) Life got in the way of my blog.When I started this I knew there would maybe be times like this,no updates.Though I don't like to admit it and thought that I will definitley keep up this time,unfortunatley that's just how I am :)
The last month has been one CRAZY month! We squeezed so much into those 30 days I'm not sure how we did it :D And then we wonder why time is going so fast.
I downloaded pictures that I almost forgot about.But it did stir my memory that barely a month ago we made a last minute trip to the beach.Our kiddos LOVED it!
This was our little spot at the beach.I thought it's kinda cute ;) I was going to pack us a lunch to take along that day and didn't.So when we finally got settled at our cute little spot I decided I will head out and find us some lunch.Lets just say the walk was good for me and the pork sandwiches that much more appealing after I got back! I don't know how long it took me but I finally found us some food!

While we were out there someone found this snowshoe crab right up on the beach.A little scary if anyone would step on it.So Joel was brave,dug the thing out of the sand and carried it out into deeper water.It was kinda cool being able to watch  it.

It was a fun day indeed.
The next day we took it easy coming home and stopped at an old plantation house. (at least I think that's what it was.)

This tree was huge and I just loved it.I can just imagine sitting in the shade and totally just relaxin!This is what you call a tree!

My little cutie pies had the time of their life!
There's nothing better than having a fun weekend with your little family.Time taken out of the busyness of life to spend with each other.We are blessed!

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  1. I'm thinking we need to do another beach trip like pretty soon like... :)