Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a little randomness...

Since I found some of these pictures I'd forgotten about,I'll just do a little post showing some of the fun things in our life :)
You reckon we have a little cowboy in the making?

Oh,and maybe even a little cowgirl? ;) Ride em' boys!

If you come to our house someday and see toys strewn all around... know it's been a good day for us! I love when my kids get the toys out,because the days that they're not out,means it's been a day full of crankiness,pulling mama's skirts...just a plain grouchy day.That's my take on it! ;D

One evening these sweet people took us out on their pontoon and gave us a yummy supper and a fun ride.

Along with Harley and Janice,

and Vic and Viola

We had a fun evening.

God allowed a beautiful sunset that evening! A beautiful,romantic way to end the evening ;)

This was an idea I found online for father's day.Super easy and Joel LOVED it!
We have a little apple tree in our yard.I couldn't bare to see the apples go to waste so I brought them in and made applesauce.It's yummy and free,what more could you ask for.Brax thought "helping" me was quite cool!

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  1. Looks like a fun boat ride.. we went out on the boat with them Sunday night and had a fun time as well... wow.. being very proverbs thirty oneish with the apples there.. i'm impressed:) And, yes, toys strewn around are a good thing indeed..