Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I had so many pictures of our time in Ohio and little time to get it done the last time I sat down so I decided to do another post of it.
The flowers in Ohio were GORGEOUS! And I heard someone say they just aren't as bright this year :) Anyway,we'll leave that at that.When you come from the south where the sun basically fries every flower around,they're gorgeous! ;) Frying is what happened to mine this year because I didn't have time to water every morning and evening!! :) I need low maintenace flowers.Gerber Daisies are that for me.I forgot to ask someone to take care of my gerber daisies while we were in OH and I figured when we get home they will probably be DEAD! I got home,checked them and they were limp and dying but I gave them water and they sprung back to life! :)

I can't remember if I put on a picture of Braxton on this pony or not,but I was in delighted shock that he actually got up on there and took a ride! He's come a long way in his fear of animals! He still says "I'm petrified of dogs :D " Little stinker!

I don't know if you can tell or not,but these guys are twins.My father in law is on the right and his twin on the left.And minus that Amish beard and suspenders of my uncle -in- law, Ivan,I'd say they are identical twins.They look alike,talk the same and even kinda act the same! Ya, two in the family is plenty!!! ;)

Braxton and Hailey had the time of their life on this pony cart with Kirsten.I thought it was the cutest little thing :)

This barn was the cutest thing.Randys had it fixed up at their place and for some reason I just loved it!

Their flowers were pretty amazing too.

We got to meet this pretty lady and her son on Saturday morning for a wee little bit.She made me feel welcome when I moved to Ohio.We did some things together,got pregnant at the same time (not planned :D ) both had the same due date and the funniest,both had our babies born 10 days early! How cool is that!? So Braxton and Camden are twins,only different mothers ;) They really are the cutest little things! We weren't together long enough for them to completely warm up to each other but someday I can't wait to see them play together!Funny little guys!

This is our newest niece Mariah.She's a cutie and I have a special bond with her because I put her to sleep ;) Those of you who know me,know that I love to put other peoples babies to sleep.Especially when they're a challange.
Anyway,I am running out of time again.I have a few more pictures but those must come at a later time!I'm majorly pushin time and I don't want to be late for a day of shopping ;) Y'all have a great day!

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