Friday, July 29, 2011


...hopefully I don't end up with a tomato brain : D Tuesday I made Salsa and yesterday I made marinara/pizza sauce.I ended up with 12 pint of salsa and the half batch of sauce I canned gave me 17 pint.Now I have another half batch to can today and a whole lot more tomatos to do up.Now to decided what I'll do with them?? Ketchup,salsa,more pizza sauce,juice....?I don't know.Guess I'll see where it takes me today :) Honestly,yesterday I had the blues.Trying to do this by myself plus doing all my "motherly duties" around here is a challange! ;) No,I'm not begging for help neither am I making up a big pity story,it's just the cold, hard fact c(: Normally I LOVE my life but I will say I'm ready for these tomatos to dissappear into jars :)
Some for generous person grows a HUGE patch of tomatos and then lets people come pick for free! Ya,FREE! Normally I don't bother with tomatos but this year I decided even tho I can buy pizza sauce for quite cheap you can't beat free.And if it's a place where I can save on groceries,I will.Jan,bless her heart helped me pick them.We ended up going in the afternoon and it was so hot!Thankfully it didn't take to long to get done but wow! It was exhausting!

When my kitchen looks like this it doesn't take me long to get depressed! Drawer hanging open,sink chock full of dishes,stuff all over the floor! UGH! That's how it made me feel!I finally took time out on the couch and read for awhile :)That didn't get my work done but the work sure didn't run away either.

Crumbs where they shouldn't be
This is how I felt by the end of the day.Exhausted and grouchy. (photo credits go to Braxton c(:  ) He thought it was so cool that he took a picture of mommy : D
I'm so glad yesterday is over.Oh,but I get to do it all over again today so I need to scoot and get busy!
I do want to show you a picture of our wonderful Claydiggers yet.Last night there was a game yet to top off my hectic day but we went to cheer them on :) They didn't win the tournament but they came in third!

This is our team

This is only a few of the cheerleaders that come to cheer them on :)

Bats and balls...
And candy...

and occasionally icecream is all part of the game evenings.No wonder the kiddos all love to come watch their daddies play ball :)
 Well,I really do need to go now and get started! Wonder how far I'll get today :) Y'all have a lovely day!



  1. oh thanks for making me feel guilty about not coming and helping you.:) want to hear my excuses? well, i JUST now climbed out of bed. (What an excuse i know!!)..My kiddos are still in bed... (another great one!!:))Ummmm.... i was up for a couple hrs in the night for some unbeknown reason of my daughters..? teething? Who knows. i forgot that i was going to bake today for PA... we decidied last night to go to the beach tomorrow for our anniv. So today i do have to clean and do laundry...Tonight we go out for that supper thing now....... ok well if you would have being doing tomatoes on a more conv. day iwould have been glad to help!!:) i'll shut up now. totally. i really hope your tomatoes go away fast.. (and don't be afraid to chuck a bunch in the woods and not tell a soul cuz you want some to disapear!!:) I did that once with something(but i'm not telling anyone remember?);)

  2. and the time is 8:30 not 5:30 like it says above ;)