Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The end of June found us packing up and heading to Ohio for my cousin's wedding and a few family reunions.Crazy me of course did not have a picture of the couple.I'm a little shy to dig out my camera at weddings,and to add to it,I just slap didn't feel like it! :) Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding! Very much my style.Beautiful black and red for her colors and a cute couple to top it all off.I'm happy for them.Congratulations David and Julie!
And then,I didn't dig out my camera at the reunions either.Pitiufl me :) But I did get some pictures while we were there so I'll share those with you.
I was happy to get to spend some time with my family too.My mom and grandparents were there the whole week,so alot of days found me headed over to see them.I went with my mom one day to visit one of her childhood friends.CRAZINESS is all I can think of when I think of them together!I do have a picture of them to share...
This is the good one.I'll refrain from posting the funny one because I wouldn't wanna be canned and set on the back of the shelf forever...Although now that I think about it,I am like 1000 miles away and they couldn't help but love me anyway....

I think they're cute.Full of fun,ladies that haven't lost their spark even when they hit their 50s! I love them :D And they love me I'm sure! ;)

I made matching dresses for my little sis and Hailey.I thought they were so pretty in them.
Brax and Hailey loved hangin out with aunt Shawna :)

I always love listening to my grandpa (on left) and his younger brother sing and play their instruments :)

Got to hang out with my pretty friend Samantha and her cute little guy,Jensen.One morning we took the kiddos out for donuts and juice.The donuts were free and so yummy!!! I could have ate 5 rite on the spot.
                                  Saying the kids loved them would be a huge understatement!
Me and my mom took the kids for a walk in Berlin one day.The two years I lived in Ohio,I don't think I ever went for a walk through Berlin.This time I felt like a tourist :) Of course Grammy bought the kids candy and they loved that.
Oh and while walking in Berlin we spotted "Galen Eli" in his Amish hauling van.No,I don't have a picture and we didn't tell him any jokes.If you want to know more about this man,just ask me,I'll tell you later :D

One evening we went down to visit Joels Amish uncle.They have a cute place with alot of animals and pretty flowers! :)
                             Cute little Avery loved these little bunnies!They really were adorable!

Since blogging and kids do not mix I think I'll run and finish up the Ohio blog later! Having a kid on my lap an one chewing gummies VERY loudly beside me and me still feeling a little loopy is more than this mama's nerves can handle! So come back for more pictures later :)

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