Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Crazy,Fun-filled Life!

 Busy.Busy.Busy.But I'm lovin it.
That describes my life! I love life when it's busy.The last 2 weeks have been slightly better than the weeks before as far as busy goes.But we've been having so much fun.It's been hot so we haven't been outside much but when we do get to go out the children absolutely LOVE IT! They are little outdoors kids and since they're slowly getting over their fear of being outside by themselves,I find them out even more than usual.They love,love,love their little pool that I have on the back porch.But I find myself in a love/hate relationship because they just don't seem to get it that when you play with water,it's fine to get wet!! So if they play out there any length of time,sometimes our banister has a long line of clothes on it from them changing "because they ARE WET!"
And having cousins come over for a day is so much fun! I decided to be a "fun mom" and fix them cones with sprinkles and cups with pepsi for a snack! Wow,all that pumped into a child makes their little lives so interesting :) Later found them jumping off of furniture and having the time of their lives - wonder if all the sugar had something to do with it? :D But I was a really fun mom then because I just let them jump and have a good time :)

I babysat this little boy that very same day and talk about quite a content baby! He was so good,and he even let me take all kinds of pictures.

Yesterday I went to the school to help Jan with a bulletin board for her classroom.We had so much fun and I thought our bulletin board turned out super cute!
We cut and glued and colored till we had a finished product.Her theme for her classroom  is "beach" this year so we had a lot of beach ideas :)

The other night we went to celebrate Alayna's 1st birthday.She was so oblivious to the fact that she was being celebrated but she loved her cake and gifts!

And since I don't want to "take the cake" from her parents I will refrain from posting pictures of her diggin in her cake till they have plenty of time to show them to the family themselves ;)
I really don't have a lot more to say but I figured I'd give you a few pictures to look at :)
I did get together with a few friends one day and we made dresses for our little girlies out of men's shirts so whenever I get around to havin' a picture on hand,I will post so you can see.I thought they were super cute!
There's lots of other things I want to work on around here but one has only so much time :D
Y'all have a great week!


  1. cute bulletin board.. if i would have been around you coulda came to my place then for brunch or lunch..... needa do that before school starts up!!

  2. Hey,thanks for that yummy brunch you did bring then! ;)