Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer is here!

All I can think of to say about today is that it is absolutely GORGEOUS,BEAUTIFUL,BREATHTAKING....I think you get the picture! This is the weather I have LONG been waiting for.I have a hard time staying inside.Even updating on my blog is hard for me to do when it's beautiful outside!
It's the kind of day when I simply can't resist this...
Brax wanted to wear his swimming shorts so of course Hailey wanted some too :) so,since I don't have to many summer clothes for her yet,she ended up wearing the 2nd pair of Braxton's swimming shorts.I thought it looked funny - so Hailey!

Saturday was also an absolute beautiful day! We had decided we are going to try and finish cleaning up our yard.That includes raking pine needles and pinecones! Sadly the needles and the cones got to me.They made me say "something" I shouldn't have (and yes,I confessed!) and they even drove me to tears! I was so tired of it!It was one of those days when you felt like slapping Eve across the back end and asking her what in the world she was thinking when she ate that fruit!?
But after all the hard work we had us some fun.We put in some flowers and it felt so good to do something pretty around here :)

My little helpers.They had the greatest fun being outside all day long!

I love Gerber Daisys.I think they are so pretty.This crate and sackcloth is something I got when we still lived in Ohio.I've been wanting to make it into a planter ever since and after 3 years of procrastination it is finally holding beautiful flowers.

I'm also trying to revive this guy (or girl,don't really know!Seeing all the little ones hangin on it I'd assume maybe it's a girl :D ) I ignored her all winter long and she refused to die.This beautiful sun and the fact that I finally had some potting soil to work with made me want to see if I can't get her to bloom.She's a cutie I'd say!

I think Joel has just as much fun putting flowers in as I did.I love it that he helps me with these things and actually enjoyes it!
At the end of our long day, let's say at about 8:00 we helped ourselves to the luxury of Hunt Brother's Pizza just down the road.We were wore out and hungry by that time!
We had a good day workin' together as a family  :)
Wishing everyone a day full of warmth and sun!

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