Sunday, March 20, 2011

Of Germs and Allergies....

So,spring has finally arrived! That is awesome! But with spring come these nasty allergies and this spring brought germs :) Ok,well it wasn't spring that brought the germs,rather my sister! But,like I told her,we still love her :D
We were very happy to have mom and dad,visit...oh and my germy sister too! ;) They were here last weekend and it really was a bummer that she didn't feel well pretty much the entire time they were here :( I think tho' that me and my lil family, along with my mom and sis are on the mend.Hopefully.
After about 3 or 4 days,finally for a whole day Braxton has been fever free! *sigh of relief* I barely dare sigh that relief tho,just in case things take a turn for the worse again! :(
Braxton taught me alot about coping with sickness! He was the most laid back,uncomplaining child! He was so easy to take care of.Asked for a drink and medicine occasionally and otherwise he quietly played or just layed around.
And then I got sick :/ And I was probably the biggest,moodiest,complaining,whiny mom and wife! :( ok,so maybe not quite that bad but I sure wasn't as calm about it as my son.Anyway,thank God I think we're on our way to recovery ;)
This spring has brought such a feeling of ...oh,I don't even know how to describe it.I simply felt/feel like a bear out of hibernation! Hungry,not for fish but BEAUTIFUL weather! And God has blessed us with some AWESOME weather.Wow!And now he's blessing us with rain to get rid of this nasty pollen.
One day I felt like taking the children out to get some pictures.Are they professional? no.Does it portray how happy we felt? yes.I believe it does.I'll share a few with you.
Me and my little cutie pies :)

Brax is in this akward stage right now.It seems he has a problem knowing how to smile correctly for the camera.It comes out a bit funny lookin somtimes,but cute nonetheless :)

It is so much fun havin' mom and dad around and seeing them with their grandchildren! We made a fun day of it and took the children to the park and then went to "unckonalds" (Mcdonalds).Definitley Braxton's favorite ;)

And here is my cute sis who was not in the mood for a picture.Because she was feeling quite germy by this time.She still ended up lookin good for the picture I'd say :)

These flowers are the beautiful flowers that my family sent for my birthday.Mom is good at hittin' every date with flowers.I was happy.They made the house so cheery! The other day I finally threw them away because they were getting quite ugly looking.I explained to Braxton and Hailey that the flowers are ugly now and that's why I'm throwing them away.Braxton responded with one of his witty responses - "Daddy needs to get you more" :) Hhhhmmmm,I'm thinkin that someday he will make a wonderful husband to some lucky girl,just like his daddy is a wonderful husband to this lucky girl!
Our kiddos keep us laughing all the time.

Hailey crawled into Joel's huge lunch box the other night after he came home.It was funny how well she fit in there :)
Good week to all of you!

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