Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This and That....

Sorry to those of you who have been checking for updates and have not found them the last couple of weeks :) I finally am here with a few new posts.
Our life seems to have been very hectic the last while! It was a good and fun hectic tho :) Just been really,really busy.
Last week we had meetings here at church with Dale Keffer.If any of you is looking for a preacher to have meetings at your church,I recommend him.He was a very gifted speaker.One of those speakers that you look forward to hearing!Unfortunatley we didn't make it every night of the meetings but the evenings we did make we thoroughly enjoyed!
Last Wednesday the school started their Easter break so we took advantage of it and nabbed Jan and took her to town with us.
For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about...Ernie and Jan are a couple from church.They are married about 5 or 6 years but got married when they were a little older.They do not have any children of their own and our kids took a HUGE liking to them.Jan is great with them and is kind of like a second mommy to them.
We went to town to get groceries and then took the children to the park afterward for lunch.
I packed a picnic lunch and then later got us frosties from Wendys.Brax thinks it is so cool to have picnics.It's kind of fun doing it when I know they enjoy it so much!

Braxton also took his bat and ball along to play with and this nice man stopped by and was playing with him for awhile.Nevermind that I thought the guy was kind of a creep to begin with.First impressions aren't always correct =)

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last while.Certain persons are already complaining about the heat but you'd better believe I'm not complaining!!I've been waiting for this all winter.I decided to do supper on the porch one evening.Since that Brax has been asking me off and on if we're gonna have a picnic on the porch :)

I'm thinking that someday Hailey will make a good mommy.She wanted to give her baby medicine or a shot or something :)  AND....someday...

...Braxton will make a good daddy.I love to see them play together.Brax loves to play baby sometimes and I think it's cute to watch.

Well,I think instead of making this update on our lives really huge,maybe I'll leave the rest of the pictures and make another post later.Sooner than this one came I hope :)

Y'all have a great week.I know this last week it was so easy to remember what Christ did for us because it was Easter and all,but let's make a concious effort to remember every day of the year what He did for us! So glad he's ALIVE!!!


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