Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas...done and gone

I don't know about you but every year I get so excited about Christmas!
I LOVE Christmas!
It is probably my favorite holiday of the year.
This year was especially exciting because I got to go home for Christmas.It had been quite a little while since that happened so it caused for some EXTRA excitement around here.
I decided this year I'm going to do some fun things with the children.
One night we went to  Little Bethlehem.
It's a place set up to look like Bethlehem.They have the manger scene, Herod's Hall, a Tent maker shop and so on.It's fun for the children - they loved the real animals they had there - and I enjoyed it too.
We made cookies.
And that's about it.
But they LOVED it.

There was LOTS of sugar

We baked them,and then they had the joy of eating those cookies that they decorated all by themselves :)

And then I put them to bed and I decorated the rest of them.It's easier that way :)

The children were super excited about going to Texas to Papa & Grammy's house! We enjoyed our stay there ALOT!

Christmas Eve was rainy and cold so we skipped the tradition of going to see the lights, and stayed at home to celebrate our Christmas Eve.

My dad read the Christmas story

And then we opened gifts.The children were so excited...

It was fun memories made at Pa-pa's house!

We spent Christmas with my mom's side of the family at my uncles house.

There was...
 LOTS of pool played...

....Playdough with the great - aunts

...And Grandmas :)

...very hairy cousins :) whom my children were a little unsure of! He had to work really,really hard to get this picture.

...sweet darling babies! This little guy had a rough start to his life but you'd never even tell it now! Cute as a button!

....dice games
...candy canes
...laughter and fun

All of this and more at my family gathering

Guess who gave these? Of course the auntie :) But it made their day, and it was Christmas so who cares! :)

The children will have memories of...
 playing with Pa-pa

...going to the park

Great Grandpa Millers

and much,much more.

I have memories of....

Texas Sunsets...
...sister time

....Breakfast at Grandpa's with our "out of state cousins"

...shopping with mom

....my mom's grilled chicken

and a whole lot more that I won't bore you with! :)

It was a great Christmas season
Thankful to God that he blessed me with such a great family to enjoy it with.

Happy New Year to all!

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