Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lott - a cute little "city"

I adore this little town...

...yes,it's a speed trap!

...and there's haunted houses (or so they say :) )
...drug busts
...killings (seriously! 2 blocks from my house - a long time ago :) )
...awful roads
...sex offenders
...and many more undesirable things...

BUT,there's also

...wide open spaces! (this my friends, is what I adore!) None of that "boxed- in- where- you- can't- see anything" stuff

...beautiful ranches

...adorable old buildings

...yes, in Lott there's Lotts to like!
I'm glad I grew up there.
I still love it.
There will always be a part of my heart in that cute little town in the "Heart of Texas!"


  1. it looks like a cute town, but at the same time haunted and freaky.. :)

  2. haha! Yes,there's been quite the things that happened in that small town already ;)