Thursday, December 15, 2011

When Hubby said Sure....

Yes,yes! Hubby sayin "sure" to takin' pictures is so rare I decided I'd better document this and these I can Never Again throw in his face "you NEVER want to take pictures with us!" :) Picture taking at this house happens because mama wants pictures. But on this day,he was in a tremendously, super, good mood ,so good that picture taking was fun! I'm making a point when I  say tremendously,super,good mood because, he can be in a super good mood but still mutter complaints when it comes to taking pictures! ;)
So on Thanksgiving Day we headed out to the cotton for some pictures,not professional,just pictures.The sun was so bad so they didn't turn out just perfect but I will always get soft and fluffy inside when I look at these cotton pictures! ;)

So there you have it! One day in history that this family had fun taking pictures :)

Now,you're probably wondering where I've been? Well,I've been here,very uninspired to blog...even tho I have so much to blog about! And more recipes! My recipes kinda got thrown by the way side over Thanksgiving but I do have some to share.

Today I'm baking christmas cookies with the kiddos.They are excited about going to PaPa & Grammy's house for Christmas! And so is their mommy,and daddy So excited we are actually looking forward to the long drive down! I'm already praying for safety.

And talking about praying,I was so happy because yesterday it was proven to me that Braxton really is understanding the point of praying. He has a cold, and maybe a sore throat right now and so Tuesday before we left for town he wanted me to pray that Jesus would taking his cold away. So we prayed.Yesterday morning he woke up and he said, "Jesus didn't take my cold out." So we prayed again.

Sometimes my days get so long and wearisome with all the training that goes into these two,but moments like that make it all worth it. Praying that someday soon,when they're all grown up they will be strong faithful disciples for our dear Lord! And this mommy is hoping that Jesus sees fit to heal that cough.

Y'all have a wonderful day!

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