Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If My Post from Yesterday...

....offended you or made you cry or made you mad or sad or depressed....
because I hate sounding depressed and passing on my depression
and sounding like I'm "victimizing myself" (yes,my sister thought my thoughts sounded like a big pity party : D )
Although I'm not going to say sorry...because I'll probably have a bad week again sometime ;)'s a little something to cheer you up... :D

Talking about my sister...I used to do this very thing to her...tell her that she was probably adopted! ...She never got quite as offended as this little dude...
...because her nose reassured her - she was definitley a Lantz!... ;)
Now I will stop posting at her expense ;)
She's a great sis! I love her and she's quite a pretty girl! ;)

Good day to all! I love all of my readers - (that is if you're not just majorly stalking me or something) and I wish all of you the happiest,most successful day!

1 comment:

  1. hehe.. you're funny.. the only complaint i have from your last post is that it was too wordy.. But that is entirely my problem, not yours:).. my mind can only handle small sentences and paragraphs at a time.. :) Yes, i'm wierd like that.. i didn't get around to commenting on it cuz i actually didn't read it all word for word yet, BUT i hear ya on most of it.... and totally understand some of your feelings.:)