Friday, August 26, 2011

Living my life to it's fullest and nothing less!

Do I have time to write this morning? No.The simple answer is no.But I just cannot forget the story I read of a young lady who lost the battle of cancer and left behind a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old! I read her the blog of one of her friends and it was just so sad!Her title of the story was "Why every moment matters when you're a mom (Don't let them slip away) And...
My mind went to yesterday! Yesterday was one of those days when I literally just felt like growling! My
2 babes are in the stage where (like I told a friend) everything needs to be banged on,jumped on,chewed on,torn apart,kicked on,strewn everywhere...or so it seems at times.And there was a time yesterday when I just wanted to scream!!Settleing fights and cleaning up messes gets the most of this mommy sometimes and I was tired.Tired of trying to figure out how to settle things,tired of trying to make my son talk nice to me,tired...just tired!
Hubby came home and I tried to keep my ranting so it's not the first thing he hears when he gets home,but eventually he did hear it.And he sympathizes because he knows,but he also experienced the little bit of grizzly I had left! :( I am not proud of that! But...
I'm making a point here (eventually :)...

As I read this story of this mom ,my heart was sad.Really sad!Sad for her husband and sad for her children.Sad that she is missing out on this precious time of her precious little family.It doesn't seem fair.But it gave me a new meaning to life! It's good to read stuff like this every once in a while because it helps you get your priorities straightened out.At least it helps me!
And I decided that I want to live my life to the absolute fullest,so that if my time comes to die,the precious people in my life remember me as a soft hearted,kind and loving person and not a grizzly! I don't want anyone looking into my casket,seeing a "bear" instead of a soft,kind hearted,loving mommy,wife and friend!
Am I reacting on emotion? Because I read this story now I'm all emotional and can't help my feelings? I may be...I don't know.But one thing I do know is that this story spoke to me and I want to go forward,leave my past mistakes behind me and live every minute,every hour,every day,leaving a positive impact,especially for my children and my husband.Treasure every minute I have with them,because you know what? NO ONE is guaranteed tomorrow! nor today.
I love these little people! They're precious.

I love this man! He's one of the most kind hearted,gentle,and forgiving guys you'll ever find! Am I blessed?
With God I know I can accomplish what I'm reaching for!
Happy day to all of you! I'm off to get my freezer in order,a little sewing,some desk work and a whole lot of LOVING!

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