Monday, August 22, 2011

Life...and all it's lessons

Sometimes life has many lessons to teach us! The last while God has been teaching me many things through life! This morning it's a lesson on trust.
Do you ever get into a situation where you say something,or do something and all of a sudden you're left wondering what your motive was? And whether you should go back and try to correct what you said or did? And then you're not even sure yourself what you should say and your just driven with guilt?
Well I have alot of those at times :) Last night was one of those times.Trying to decide what to do and not sure where I should go with it.
I started thinking and I started seeing myself more clearly.I think at times when I'm not sure of myself I feel like I need to try and correct it so I can feel better!So many times I rely on MYSELF instead of GOD to help me feel better.I think I can take the whole situation and correct it and then I cleared MYSELF and I feel like I'm in God's good favor again.
As I started really thinking about this I began thinking that too often I rely on my works to save me and don't trust God fully with my life.So I prayed and told God I'm trusting Him with the situation.
Then when I started my work around here this morning I turned on the radio to a christian station that I listen to all day sometimes and the first words of a song that really popped out at me were "You are Forgiven...".I  at one point sat down started reading verses on trusting God and so often it says that he that puts his trust in God is happy.And a verse that I thought of was "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not onto thine own understanding!"
You think God was trying to speak to me? I believe He was.Now if I can just let go of MYSELF and trust HIM fully I think my life will truly be a blessed life!
This month has brought many changes to our life! I feel so blessed and Awed by God and at the same time things are still just slowly sinking in!
The first change is the First Choice Lawncare business that we bought.We have prayed about this particular business for quite awhile and I was at a point when I basically kinda gave it up.To many things to think about,looking for a house and at the same time looking at a business that didn't seem to be available and I was just ready to give up! I figured just forget the business!
It all started last fall.A guy from the area wanted to sell his business but in order to do so he had to find another job.We were really excited and thought it would be a great business for Joel,something he's great at and enjoys.So we waited and prayed and waited.Meanwhile we looked for a house and prayed and prayed.There were many,many tears of frustration and impatience on my part.If it's true that God holds all our tears in bottles I cringe to think of how many bottles will have my name on them! :) Anyway,finally we looked into a place.Suited us great,we loved it - only thing was,the seller wasn't sure if they could sell at the moment.So we waited a few weeks and sure enough,they couldn't sell till the beginning of next year.So one more house down the drain - for then anyway.
We finally decided forget it,lets find a place to rent up around church.Just rent and forget the stress for now!So we started looking,listening of a place for rent.
And then one day the call came.It was Wendell,the owner of Lawn Business.He told Joel he's pretty sure he may have a job,but we still didn't know for sure.Then day he found out for sure that he had the job,he called Joel.That was Wednesday or Thursday.Joel called his boss to let him know that in the next couple of weeks he might be quitting and then everything started rolling so fast it seemed unreal.
To make a long story short,Joel called his boss on that Thursday,had his last day of hauling on that Friday and 3 days later on Monday,he started his new job.
Joel is now the owner of this business and he loves his work.It's still amazing how God answered that prayer...and then to top it off just the other week a friend from church said her parents place is going to be up for rent.
We checked into it and had decided that we could try it.It was a nice place but very tiny and we would've had to rent a storage unit somewhere. But we had pretty much decided to go ahead and try it,when we got another call.This call was about another place that will be up for rent here shortly and they heard we'd been looking for a place.
So Thursday night we headed over there and by Saturday we made our descision to take that place instead.So I guess in October we will be making the move.It'll take us 5 mintues to get to church instead of our 35 minutes we have now.The yard will be half the upkeep compared to what we have now.
It's going to be a totally different life.
It reminded me again to just trust God with everything we have!He knows every detail of our lives and He saw everything worked out way before we ever did! A friend suggested I write all this stuff down for later times when I face doubt and worry,so I can remember that God is indeed in control!
It's still kinda a shock what all took place this last month and at the same time it kinda makes me giggle!Because it seems since we've been married,most big descisions wewe are faced with and  make always happen with a BOOM!Like when we moved to SC we were here in July for my BIL's wedding,had no intentions of moving and by September we were here! And it's one of the best things that ever happened. And all this stuff this month happened so fast but it just goes to show how faithful God really is! The other day it rained.The children got drenched and Joel sent them inside.Usually we try to be in unity in our parenting but that day I told them to go back outside and play in the rain! ;) I ran for my camera and got some pictures.
I laughed and told my mom that I think this is the first time I actually told them to run outside and play in the rain.The only time I can remember at least :) Usually I don't like all that mess but the joy on their faces was just the cutest!

I wish everyone a great week and remember to trust God with everything.I'm talking more to myself than anyone else! ;)

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  1. Happy for you that you get to start this new and exciting chapter in your lives!! Living close to New Holland is awesome let me tell ya!!:)