Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Humor in a not so humorous day!

I don't know about you but sometimes I have these days when I really don't feel like finding any humor in the whole day! You kinda feel like Eeyore.Like there could be a rain cloud shadowing your whole day.
Well maybe I'm weird but I have those days - (although I have a hunch I am in fact pretty normal.)Today was one of those days!
 But I'm not here to write about the downside of my day. I'm just being honest in saying that's kinda how my day went,mostly cloudy :)
But,humor just jumped out at me! And made me smile :)

When I saw Braxton hold this baby I looked at him and asked him if he's the babies daddy? :) His reply was "yes" with a big smile on his face. (right now he thinks the roll of daddy would be a good thing.It is good,but if he'd know the stress that comes with the good, I have a feeling he'd be holding off! :) We'll just spare him that part for now and let him dream.

The funny part was when Hailey was holding Elmo and I asked her if she's Elmo's mommy? Of course it was a "yes" .My guess is that it was a proud yes! :D

And then it hit me! The funniness of this! Lets just hope that Elmo's big,poppy on the top- of - his - head - eyes,his HHHEEEUGE mouth and that weird orange nose DO NOT pass on to the next generation! I don't wanna be carrying around my grandchildren and have people start gasping in disbelief  and suddenly say "oh,oh wow! There's definitley NO question that Elmo is their daddy!"

My friends,I know this is lame! So lame but sometimes it's the VERY SIMPLE,very lame things in life that make me smile!

~Simple things like Elmo's big buggy eyes!~

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