Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~My blessings~

Today I keep thinking of a question someone had posted on facebook.I can't remember the exact wording but the question was this ... ~If you woke up one day with only the things you thanked God for the day before,what would you have?~
I think that's a pretty powerful question! Because so often it can be so easy to pray and ask God for His blessings and tell Him everything you're struggling with but totally forget to thank Him for the blessings you do have! Having a grateful spirit is my goal.Being grateful for what you have is one sure way to happiness.Sadly,I can often forget that!
Today I have one proud son. I saw this butterfly flying around to the patches of clover so I told Brax to run and get his bug jar and net and we can try to catch it.Well we caught it and he has been delighted to carry this thing all over.In fact,right now I believe it's sharing his bed over naptime! : D He of course wanted to keep it to show Daddy! :)

Hailey was calling it a daddy butterfly but Braxton was very emphatic that it's NOT A DADDY BUTTERFLY! Later I heard him refer to the butterfly as "he" ! ;)

I brought them in and and we looked it up online to see if we could figure out what kind of butterfly it is.The closest one I could indentify it with was the "painted lady",or something like that,but I still didn't think it looked quite right.I don't know,I'm not great with knowing all the different kinds,so maybe it's a very easy one I should know? All I know is it's a pretty butterfly! ;)
My heart did a "proud little dance" when I heard Brax say, "Mommy,look at these worms." Ya,I'm weird like that but I LOVE to see my little boy being a little boy! At one time Brax was so finicky about any little dirt he got on his hands,and he didn't like to be wet and messy so it's a big wow factor to see him play with a spider and worms, ALL IN ONE MORNING! ;) I'm petrified of spiders but not daddy long legs! ;) That's the kind he found this morning and he wanted me to come look at a big spider he found.After I came back inside he was still out there trying to knock it off the gas tanks to the ground when suddenly I heard this frantic screaming and saw him in all desperation trying to get back over the porch rail.I laughed! I'm guessing the spider came crawling towards him and he thought it might get him! :)
The kiddos LOVE going to the library and they love our librarian "Ms. Jo". We sure are going to miss our small town library when we move! She's knows almost everybody by name that comes in and she LOVES kids! Yesterday I took them to the library to pick out some books and just to have a little fun there. For some reason they love books and I'm one happy mama about that :) I'm kinda surprised it makes me so happy because I'm not a huge reader myself but for some reason I still love books,especially children's books.

Some of the books just make me laugh! The one book I got the time before last was about a puppy that had terrible breath! It was so terrible that people couldn't even stand to be around him...but...in the end he saved the day so people his owners were happy to wear clothespins on their noses and keep him because he was a Hero! : D Silly,I know but the saying on the back of the book was what really tickeled me! It said "Bad breath is better than no breath at all." When I quoted this to Joel his response was a little chuckle and "No Kidding!" : D
Going to "Wosies" (Rosie) house is another highlight for these two! Everytime we go over there they get to go for a golf cart ride to the "candy store."
And when Jonas is home,he gives them all the attention they can handle!

Here Jonas was showing them how to cut down a "tree." That branch ended up coming home with us because Jonas told Braxton he could have it and Brax would've been broken hearted to not be allowed to take home his "tree" from Jonas! Nevermind all the dry brittle leaves that ended up in our car because of it ~ think I'll remind Jonas that he should thank me for my part in cleaning up his yard! ;D

This weekend we had two extra kiddos around for a day and a night.Brax and Hailey loved having playmates here.And they were good as gold.I love when I get the chance to babysit!

Well,I should run along. Please keep my Father in Law in your prayers.He ended up in the hospital the other day and has pneumonia and blood clots.Yesterday we thought he didn't have any major ones but I guess they found a few more since then or something? Don't really have all the details but I'm sure he'd appreciate the prayers.
And don't forget to thank God for all your blessings! ;)

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  1. One of my blessings is having a great friend around like you:) Thanks again for babysitting.. you'll probably get more chances now that you will live closer to everybody! And you'll also have more choices of people to babysit for you!! :) good pics here.. And will pray for your FIL...