Saturday, February 9, 2013

~ A Few Thoughts on Being a Mom ~

These are the precious faces I wake up to every morning!
When I wake up my day begins (obviously ;) )
My day of fixing food and settling fights and changing diapers and washing dishes,
wiping snot and washing clothes and cleaning house
and fixing food again and settling more fights and changing more diapers etc.etc.
you get the picture.
and if you're a mom I'm sure you have wondered at times what you are doing to make a difference in this can cleaning the same space every week, and changing diapers and washing clothes ever amount to anything other than s.t.r.e.s.s!? the day gets long and demanding. sometimes it seems like everyone is demanding something out of you - all at the same time!
over the past year I have been thinking about the importance of being a I said before, I see motherhood in a whole different light than I used too. I enjoy my children more and realize that being a mom is one of the most important jobs you can come by.
we (moms) are making a difference! we are influencing little lives.they see everything we do.we can be a positive influence or a negative influence.
and than I started studying through the book- "The Ministry of Motherhood"- and it's just encouraging me even more to strive towards being a better be content where I'm make life fun and interesting for my handle every situation with give lots of hugs and laugh and to just enjoy every stage. i realize that all the diapers i'm changing and all the clothes i'm washing and all the food i fix will someday be accounted for.
i am human and i have days i want to crawl under the covers and "call in sick!" in fact, this morning I did just that. after i was up for awhile i felt too tired and stressed to go the good husband God blessed me with, assured me its fine for me to go back to bed! i did just that and didn't get up till oh, maybe close to 11! :)  and the other day i told Joel that i'm tired of serving everyone!!  I'm not perfect and there's days i have to remind myself that my job is indeed an important one. i keep learning.i keep trying.
but i love being a mom. i truly do!
and to all you moms out there - you are doing a great work!
i want to be a postive influence.
i want to teach our children love and forgiveness.thankfulness.graciousness.longsuffering.kindness.integrity.
most of all i want to teach them what it is to love God.
i want my children to know that i am happy where God has called me! I want them to know that I love each of them for who they are.
my family is my life!
and i feel like a have a few bragging rights :) my job is made so much easier with a husband that supports me and loves me for who I am!
and he's a daddy dedicated to his family. I know not everyone is blessed in that way.and it's a blessing i never want to take for granted.
we love winters.Joel's work slows down so that means we get to see more of him! usually he has fridays off and we all love that. this last friday morning he decided to cook breakfast for us.he made a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. the kids loved watching him and he let them help flip a few pancakes.
I am so glad they have a dad that makes them feel special.
i had that growing up.
i loved my dad.still do.he was always there for us.
and my mom.i want to teach our children respect like she taught me.i knew where mom and dad's relationship was.i read love from my and respect for my dad.
i want to love my children like she loved us.
I remember when we went on trips and spent the night at places where we had to sleep on the floor, mom was always concerned that there be enough blankets to make a soft bed for us.she wanted us comfortable.i felt loved.
I remember when she fixed egg sandwiches for us, or peeled an orange.
the egg turned out beautiful and fluffy.the orange was peeled to perfection with all the yucky white skin off of it.
every now and then we'd have an evening where we just ate leftovers for supper and everyone was responsible for their own food.but mom always made sure dad had a plate of food.
she put time and effort into us.
we felt loved.
now i'm changing the subject.but i know all of you are wondering how "little mush ball is doing." :) who wouldn't love these fat cheeks!? she stole our hearts.
and even tho' I'm not really a baby person ( i know it's part of being a mom but ... :) ) i love cuddling her and squishing her. i love every little sign of progress in her. she started smiling, has been for a little while.but it never gets old seeing that sweet smile! her and hailey already have a sister bond.she loves hailey.and hailey loves to talk to her and "mother" her. :)
hailey is very proud of the fact that we have "fwee (3) girls in the family!"
I need to run.
hope everyone has a great weekend.

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