Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A day with my girls...

today was one of those days when Braxton headed out with his hero - who happens to be his daddy. He LOVES,LOVES,LOVES to go to work with Joel. It's been awesome with the jobs that Joel has had, it's easy for him to take Brax along.
When Joel was hauling, Braxton thought it was great to ride in Daddy's truck!
Now with the mowing business, in the winter it's a perfect opportunity to go because Joel doesn't need to cut grass. Braxton can walk along and help pick up sticks and pinecones...and he thinks he is such a big helper! :) He wins the "grandmas' " hearts and sometimes ends up hangin' out with them while Joel works. And often comes home with day it was a pair of gloves for him and Hailey, one day it was a "school book", another day it was sidewalk chalk etc.etc. Not sure what he's gonna say when summer hits, because then he won't be able to go along (unless I pack us all up and we go for the day) Maybe I'll just do that! I miss going to work with my man!

So while Braxton was off doing what he loves, we got out the butter and sugar and baked some cookies. I did it for her sake. It took alot of patience but it payed off to see the joy in her face! *note her small pile of m&ms beside the cookie bowl.* Every now and then she'd pick one up, pop it in her mouth and look at me and grin!

I asked her what she'd like for lunch. Her reply was, "cookies."
Of course you'd love cookies now wouldn't you!? :)

After the men headed off to work me and Hailey were in the living room, taking care of Madalyn and suddenly there was a *WHOP* against the window. It scared us a little but I told Hailey that I bet it was a bird. We checked and sure enough, there was a mockingbird in a major stupor! :) We touched it and finally chased it enough to loosen it's brain :) and it took off.
 I have a hard time believing that our baby is 9 weeks old already! I had her in for her 2 month check up and she weighed 12.8 lbs! She is the fattest baby I've had yet! Roll-y fat! :) She got her shots and it broke my heart to hear her cry.I always dread the pain of the needle but I do it for their good, so hopefully someday they'll understand :) Joel went with me...but he didn't want to hold her during the shot! I told him "here I let you come along and you don't even want to do the dirty work!" Oh well :)
It was a fun day with my girls.
 I missed my boy.
Tomorrow he's staying home :)
I can imagine he will beg to bake cookies.
That's just the kind of child he is :)
So long.Till next time.I'll try to show up here more often.

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