Thursday, February 14, 2013

~Happy Valentines ~

Today's been full of hearts around here
pink,heart-shaped pancakes
pink heart cookies
heart shaped ham sandwiches
there's even a heart shaped balloon clinging to the ceiling . my heart melted a wee little bit, because when Hailey saw all those valentines balloons she just had to have one.I decided it's valentines, why not?
but now the string tore off and you'd better believe!! this mama is glad! :)
 and it's staying on the ceiling.
 the reason it's staying on the ceiling
is because I refuse to let my children retrieve it- (with bar stools.)
and the reason I refuse to let them retrieve it is because I'd like all of our hearts to stay pure today! When it's down on their level it tends to make their little hearts look very black (because they fight and fuss)
you get it ?
And it very near turns mine black because of having to settle those fusses and fights.
It's better off on the ceiling!
So, Happy Valentines to all!
May every day be "heart day" to each and every one of us.
p.s. I like Dr. Seuss
I thought his description of love was funny :)

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  1. Funny saying!!:) Today it's going to be a chocolate fondue dessert after supper... cutting out heart shaped valentine's.. putting them in a box to be passed out tonight... and it's also full of children fighting and a momma "preaching". I overheard Carter yelling to brooklyn in a mean bossy voice.. "BROOKLYN!! we aren't supposed to fight today- it valentine's day!! " :)