Friday, May 20, 2011

It's party time....

Our little boy turned 3! Hard to believe! And even harder to believe that I have a kid going to sunday school !? That thought makes me feel old (er) :D But I guess I rest in the thought that they start attending S.S. at a very young age here,so,that takes care of that :D
The Birthday Boy all ready for his party - playing with one of the gifts he already got from one of  his favorite neighbors.John and Barbara couldn't make it because John got sick so they brought Braxton  HUGE bag of gifts.I must say,he is spoiled!
We had family over and then some neighbors and a few friends.Jonas and Rosie are kind of like second grandparents to the children and Ernie and Jan are definitley a second set of Uncle and Aunt.Almost a second set of parents! :) The children A-D-O-R-E them!Miss Pat and Dillian are neighbors and Dillian is one of Braxton's much loved friends.Seems like some days Brax can ask a million times "can Dillian come to my yard?"

Braxton has wanted a horse cake for months.He finally got his horse cake.It's such a cute cake,fun to do and fairly simple to decorate.He loved it!

And like he told Grandpa Lantz "I blowed out my candles." ;)

I made some cupcakes to go along with the cake.Rosie had the cutest cupcake holder she wanted me to use for the parties.It just adds something to a table. The cupcakes were supposed to be red (not pink :D ),yellow and brown.

Pizza was on the menu.By the time I was done making them I had pizza running out of my ears :) I made to much but I'm enjoying that now because I have them in the freezer for handy grabbin!

Hailey with our much loved Ernie and Jan

Brax had so much fun opening all his gifts.I believe it was probably a bit overwhelming for him but extremely fun.

Rosie checkin' out his new bow and arrow with him.He has played and played with that already.It was cool because all the gifts were totally down his line! bubbles and balls and bow and arrow and pjs etc.etc.

This lion blows out literally hundreds of bubbles.They have had so much fun with that too already!I just loves Hailey's looks when she gets these bubbles.

Funny glasses from aunt Rach :)
Rachel they have loved those watering cans too!They did make a huge mess with them but we won't go into detail ;) They have also watered flowers so that's great :D

Note to Grandma Mast : He loves those pjs you sent,but they are a size to big so I stuck them away for this winter. They will be perfectly fine :)
We had a fun evening but the fun isn't over yet :) I know that sometime there's going to be a birthday box from Texas :) (that makes me excited too) ...and... next week this little girl -

will be 2! Hard to imagine how time flew so fast.
God has blessed us beyond measure with these two! And they are at the age that I ADORE.Sure,it's tougher in some areas right now than it was but I wouldn't trade it.So far God has given us grace to get through all the training we've done already and we're not anywhere close to done -but life's a dance! ;)
When I was getting ready for the party,or after it was done,I can't remember,I told Joel that this is what I love about being  parent! Being able to do fun stuff for them and interacting with them.It comes much easier for me than trying to quiet a crying baby and feeding and bathing a tiny baby.Sure I loved it when they were there but I love this even better! :)
Now I'd best scoot along and get all my work done.Today we are leaving to go camping for the weekend and we are super excited! We love camping.But...there's LOTS of things I need to get together before I can enjoy the weekend so I'm outta here!Good day to all.

Thought I'd leave you with pictures of me with the 3 greatest blessings in my life.I love these people.And since we weren't all on one picture I had to do it in two.

If you ever think you're not blessed,please don't forget those you love and who love you.Everyone has at least 1 person that loves them!


  1. looks like a fun party and that is a very cute cake!! :) And thanks for making your blog "public"... :)

  2. I was happy to see these pics of the bday party! Sorry about the watering can mess. :-( Love the cake / cupcake holder.