Monday, May 30, 2011


Awesome fun to us! We love camping and we were looking forward to our camping trip for weeks before we ever went :) Yep,that's us.Doesn't take much to make us happy and excited. Retta did a great job picking out campsites for us and we just had an all around fun time.
This was the little spot we called "home" for two nights.We got a new tent to take this year.We outgrew our free 4 man tent that my uncle so generously gave us.It fit us well for the time we had it! Thanks so much Omar!
Anyway,back to camping...It's just so much fun to make your food over the fire,be by the water ALL DAY long,listen to the children laughing and squealing in delight,sitting by the fire,hangin out with friends,eating roasted marshmellows,hearing all the night critters,sleeping in a tent under the stars...*happy sigh* There's just so much to love about camping.Some of my friends strongly disagree with me on this but that's ok :) We all give each other a hard time but we still love each other and agree to disagree! That's real friendship when you can do that ;)

These sweet people were our neighbors for the weekend.Alyssa doesn't care so much for camping but she did a great job ,and I think if she admits it she at least likes it a tiny bit.Right Lyssa? ;) Anyway,they have a gigantic tent,a mansion of tents.It's nice,has lots of room! One morning when they were still snoozing in their mansion I snuck over,got their stroller and took Hailey for a ride.Then I came back and snuck over again and got their skillet to make our breakfast in.Ok,not really snuck, but they never did find out till they woke up of course.LOL ;) Yep,that's what friends are for,to help each other in times of need :) Our little gas burner gave out and didn't work and we didn't feel like starting up the fire so we were kind in need :D I should mention tho' that after I was done with the skillet I shared our breakfast with them, just so you know I wasn't  totally taking advantage ;) (is that better now mom? ;) You can check out Alyssa's blog at's funny and adds humor to her blog.

Joel was super excited about making breakfast.Honestly,the first morning basically all I did was set the table and get the things we needed to eat on our pancakes,like syrup,butter and whatever else.He did all the cooking and it was yummy...Especially the break I got from cooking!

The children had so much fun! Gene and Elaine's daughter had a birthday that Saturday so we celebrated her and Braxton that weekend.

Blowing out their candles

We wanted a picture of all the little boys...they ended up in a group hug...that was ok,it was cute! :) Ornery little guys!

I think the picture of Hailey has got to be one of my favorites from the weekend.Lickin the icing off the top,dirty as dirt (check out her fingernails :D ) she is in her glory! Livin' it up.
Braxton was so excited about the water guns Joel bought for him to take along and share with his friends.A few days or the day before we left to go camping,we were walking around in some stores and Braxton said to few random people he saw... "I got guns!" So as a mom I considered it my duty to quickly, with a smile on my face,explain that he has water guns to take along camping!!!! :D
 Doesn't he look like a genuine cowboy here,party hat and all!? LOL

Brooklyn and Hailey were so taken by baby Alli.

Alli was such a trooper and oh,so squishable! I love this little dolly!

I asked Joel why we don't just camp out and live that way!? So cheap and fun! NOBODY seemed to agree with me on that one!hmmm,wonder why?
After I got home I wasn't even agreeing with myself anymore! It felt so good to be clean and have a clean house to come to!Camping is fun for a weekend but then it's fun getting home into your own bed again and sleeping oh,so good!!

Joel built this cornhole game.I was quite proud of him!And it served us well that weekend.
These friends came to visit one evening.They decided to decline the invite to go camping this year.Beth is due to have her baby in a few weeks so it really would have been a little much for her! We were happy to have them come for an evening tho :)

So long friends.This is our camping story :)

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  1. Oh- how honored i am to be mentioned on your blog:) And i'll gladly let you use my skillet in exchange for breakfast any day!! :)