Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I may be redneck...

...but I don't really care :)
We had this beautiful P.Graham Dunn picture that I love for our living room.It's been hanging there for 2 years now :) Anyway,it's beautiful like I said but one thing ALWAYS bugged me when I looked at it...
The verse that is printed on the picture blended in so well with the background color you almost couldn't read it without getting up close.
So I took the matter into my own hands (with my husbands approval to try ;) )
From this....

....to this :)
I don't know,I think I like it better.All it took was a permanent marker (Joel warned me NOT to do it while the children were awake! ;) Now I guess I'll see if it passes his approval.If not maybe P.Graham Dunn will see us back!
Then again,they may see us back even if it does pass approval :) Rachel,you might want to leave a day open to go when we come up in June :)

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  1. Hey Stace, I think I remember when you got this picture. Great idea to make the wording darker...it looks really good! Rachel