Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gram came to visit!

The end of February my Grandma Lantz along with my aunt and uncle and their family came to visit.I felt quite priviledged for sure that they came and stayed at our house for the night.And I got to feed them and take care of them.
They were here for the night on a Friday night and then Saturday we went to the zoo.I don't know,maybe I'm childish but I just love the zoo! I love taking the children there and showing them all the exciting things and taking them on the rides and so on :)
We had a bit of a time finding the zoo :) but we finally made it there. The animals were active and it was fun watching them.It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day to be there!

My aunt Naomi and her family

And my dear Grandma Lantz
It was special to see here again.We hardly get to see her since we never make those trips to PA like we used to.

I guess the toucan is not just a "froot loops" bird :)

Even tho we took the wagon along for the children to sit in,they pretty much refused! Not sure what I'm gonna have to do to get them to stay in wagons and stroller this summer.But somethings gotta happen because they are both to big to be carrying all over the place anymore!

These monkeys were just the funniest thing.They were so riled up and were having a great time being noisy! :)

We payed a HUGE $2 for this tiny cup of nectar but we had fun feeding the birds.Braxton and Hailey were quite taken but they didn't enjoy it when the bird sat on them :)

You can see on Brax' face that he not really quite sure about this.

I don't know why but these giraffes always intrigue me for some reason.They're so pretty in their own way.There was a baby one there that was simply adorable!

Gram and Naomi brought along a yummy lunch of subs and the works.While we were getting set up for lunch this Asian looking guy came walking over and he asked if we're Mennonites.When we told him that yes we are Mennonites his reply was the funniest.He said "COOL!"
Wow,it was kinda cool feeling cool for a little while :)

Me and my little boy

Brax has definitley got "Mast" in him :) He was so intrigued with these chickens.And I always have to think of my BIL Mark when it comes to chickens.It was probably in the first or second year that me and Joel were married,that I remember Mark went somewhere and came home with chickens - for pets.- Yes,you read right,for pets!I thought that was a little weird at the time.I always thought of chickens as a source for eggs and meat,other than that,not to much :) But since I've been married into the Mast family I have learned that chickens are a hobby.And I have learned that there are all kinds of chickens.Did I know that before?Who knows,if I did I sure didn't give it much thought :D
 And I have learned that Joel also likes chickens. It looks like Brax may be headed that direction :) And I don't mind.I'm proud of Joel and I sure don't mind if Brax is like his daddy :) And I'm sure that someday when we finally buy our own place,we will have chickens -for pets- and I hope for eggs and meat too :)

This is the result when you get two little boys to pose for a picture :) Brax in his clumsy way has no idea how to really pose for a picture these days.If you tell him to smile (or say cheese)this is his look :)

And like I said,I loved spending time with my Grandma!
And my aunt and her family.

And I am so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with this man.I am so blessed.I hope each of you feel blessed today,and always!


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