Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Days of Learning

The first day of school finally came. I had a son who was counting down the days.

Yes, we have a son who is in First Grade. As hard as this is for me to believe, it is a fact.
Our first born is old enough for first grade!

6 years ago this day seemed like a life time away.But it happened...just like that! The baby days are over for this boy :) 

He's had a great first two weeks. He loves learning, this boy of mine. It's exciting for me to see him catch on to stuff :) 

He's in first grade with 4 other boys. I can't imagine the riot their teacher faces day after day. A good riot I might add. A funny riot. A wild,full of life riot.

And she's the perfect teacher for a class like this.Patient,kind,fun.Experiments and projects of every kind.

Everyone of the 5 boys had a camo themed back pack.They're a cute bunch! :)

Here's to hoping for a wonderful first year of school for our first born!
May I be a mother that stands beside him in the hard times, encourages him on in the new things and never,ever lets him give up.
I love you Braxton!

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