Friday, June 27, 2014

Yes, She's Still a Princess...

Today I'm going to share with you, nothing profound, maybe not even inspiring...but a little humorous. I found a book at the library that TOTALLY describes my Princess H. (and maybe her mommy just a little bit.)

Hailey has been a tomboy from the start.

Till she was maybe 3? she had almost no hair for pretty little clip in bows. She would wear the headbands for a little while, but even those were not her thing, like they are to so many other  little girls.

She prefers trucks and trees over dolls and tea cups.

She likes a little frills and lace every now and then, but like me, it just doesn't come natural for her. We tend to choose comfort over beauty :) :) High heels and fancy just doesn't do it for us.

We like pink, but yellow and orange do just as well for us.

But we are still Princesses. Not the Cinderella kind, but still a princess of sort.

We love to be doted on by our Prince Charming, dad to her, husband to me.
Flowers and chocolate make us smile.

So here's her story - and mine ;)

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink

Not all Princesses dress in pink.Some play in bright red socks that stink, blue team jerseys that don't quite fit,accessorized with a baseball mitt,

and a sparkly crown.

Some princesses when they choose, never pick out fancy shoes,but soccer cleats for outdoor sports with shin guards and some baggy shorts,

and a sparkly crown.

Some princesses roll around, wrestling on the muddy ground, then get right up to skip and dance in tattered, stained and muddy pants,

and a sparkly crown.

Some princesses wear their jewels while fixing things with power tools,saw,screwdriver,hammer,drill, they wear with pride each greasy spill

and a sparkly crown.

Some princesses break their nails planting flowers into pails,driving dump trucks, moving dirt,dressed in an extra large hand-me-down-shirt

and a sparkly crown.

Some princesses like to pedal wearing lots of shiny metal; helmet on head, and body armor,so that nothing bad can harm her

or her sparkly crown.

Then after a great victory lap (followed by a well earned nap), to the ball these princesses run, wearing no pink gown, not one!

 They waltz in red, fox trot in blue, they reel in plaid and polka dots too. And in those grand and fancy halls, one even hip hops in her overalls - and a very sparkly princess crown.

This book was written by ~ Jane Yolen & Heidi E. Y. Stemple

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