Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just a Little of This and That....

I remember. on my last post I promised to share some pictures of the ice storm. but seriously, i never figured it would be 3 months until I post again  :) these last three months were spent enjoying life and catching up on neglected housework and a million other things in between. and really, i just didn't feel like writing. and the times i really did have something inspiring to share, i was busy, so i'd "write" the post in my head  and till I actually had time to sit down and type it out, the inspiration was gone!

our life these past three months has been the normal life of a young family :) which includes everything from tee-ball to birthday parties to weddings, fussy days, dirty diapers and everything a young family does and experiences! at the moment its a wailing child that seems very unsettled and thinks bed isn't the place to be.

some days seem like they will never end. other days are days you want to relive over and over again!


i found some old pictures on my camera that i kind of forgot i had. check out miss chubby cheeks! the picture above was her 7 months ago. the picture below is her now. Amazing what 7 months can change! she is no longer a baby who is crawling...she is now running and giving us a run for our parenthood! how people describe her. beyond what comes to my mind! church, family nights out and basically everything where you have to sit or stay in one place for any amount of time was purely torture...or maybe impossible would better describe it! there was times when i felt like huffing and stomping my feet because of how purely impossible it felt. and maybe or maybe not there were times that I did :) there are days i cry in frustration and can't wait til she's a few years older! 

but looking past all of that...she has added so much love and sweetness to our family, the busy-ness is a small price to pay. without her singing and her funny spunkiness there would be a huge hole! we love our madi!

daddy's got big shoes to fill! :)

braxton played tee-ball this year. i have a hard time believing that my colicky, first born is actually six already! (i guess there is hope for the fussy, teething 18 month old :) )

hailey is a proud 5 year old! (yep, that's cake batter lining the top of her stayed there all day! :) )

this picture makes me laugh! joel had just lit her candle (we didn't have 5 of them, just in case you wondered :) ) and he stuck the burning match in his mouth and started blowing smoke out of his nose, and i actually caught her look of astonishment on camera :) :)

in february we got together with joel's brothers and their wives. every other year we rent a cabin in the smokies for a weekend and get together.we catch up on each others lives and just have a fun weekend.

there was five boys.i can only imagine what their mom had to deal with at times :) 

here's us...the wives of the bunch :) sisters by marriage. its always good to catch up since 3 out of us 5 live in OH.

My sister got married in April. I was lucky enough to go spend a week with my family, helping with planning wedding details and getting everything set in place. 
And I know i had pictures somewhere, but i cannot find them.that's irritating to me! her and josh make a cute couple! and it's fun to finally have a brother on my side of the family. joel was tickled to finally have a brother in law and my dad - well i'm sure without a doubt that he loves the  added "male presence" to the family! :) with three girls only he was hen pecked for quite awhile.with us girls finally getting married we are gifting him "sons" and grandsons which i know for sure and for certain he is deeply proud of ! :)

so here's just a glimpse of what's been happening in our lives.
nothing profound. just life.a life we love.
we are blessed!

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