Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And Then There Was Snow...

 Anyone that knows me well, knows that I'm not a fan of winter weather. I don't know ...but I think God built some bodies to stand the heat and others can battle the cold :) For me I'd much rather sweat huge drops of sweat and be smothering in the heat, than to have to bundle up in a coat and literally get sore from trying to stay warm.I know, I'm a wimp and I'm ok with that! :)

So imagine the shock my body goes through when we get a cold snap.I mean a REAL cold snap, people :)

I don't know about you, but this looks like a cold snap to me! :)

Even tho' I don't care for the cold, when there is snow predicted here in the South, I must say, even I get excited to see it...for a day at least  :) And then I'm good. 

The excitement was high.The snow was predicted for a Tuesday. Tuesday came and no snow for the whole day. The children were anxiously waiting.

 People hurried out to get their bread and milk...oh, and lunch meat! ; D
 Finally, when they were tucked into bed it started. 

Sometime after they were tucked in all snugly and warm, Hailey crept out of her bed, looked out the window and discovered SNOW! She called me to her room to share her discovery.We just had to wake Braxton to let him in on the excitement too. That night me and Joel slept with our blinds open, because it was so beautiful just to see the snow, gently, quietly fall from the sky!

The next morning, the very first thing the children wanted to do was play in the snow. I felt like a major part pooper but my desire to get wet and cold was pretty much 0! So I sat inside for awhile, watched the action.When Madalyn woke up I decided to brave it and go out for a little at least :) 

She was in awe...

...until she fell.And that was the end of her snow adventure!

These two were delighted! (Looks like we need some lessons on how to stay warm in the snow.Zipping our coats would maybe be a start! :) )

They ate snow...

....they threw snow

...they built "Frosty". (Sadly we had no magic hat to make him jump to life!)

Even Bella seemed to enjoy the snow!

The excitement of the children is enough to make me love it. Just to see their joy and happiness. To hear them thank God for sending the snow. That, my friends is enough to make any mama's heart melt!

So was the adventure of our snow day in the South!

God forgive me if I ever complained about the snow because two weeks later we got another cold snap!
That was way worse in every way imaginable.
I will share our ice adventure in my next post!

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  1. Staci dear! that poor child needs gloves! LOL! and they need to be insulated!! :) Always works and keeps em out way longer!:) But maybe they don't sell those in the south? Pry not! Think of the snow as putting good nitrates into the ground that it otherwise cudnt get..... we have snow on the way here again and I doubt we'll wake any of the kidders to see it, cuz we've seen a bunch already! ;) cute hat--