Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Baby!

November 28 , 2012
Tuesday morning at my house was a very normal morning. I started cleaning out my fridge, my freezer and getting everything back in order from the weekend. (Monday I didn't get anything done :) I was too tired! )

So imagine my surprise Tuesday night, when I finally sat down to relax, and suddenly started having signs of labor! I was surprised, excited and panicking all at the same time!

Surprised because it was a whole 3 weeks before my due date, excited because I really was ready to have this baby, and panicking because I didn't have anything packed or ready to go!

Joel was at a meeting...the kids were still up...and I was trying to function and think and remember what all I needed to get ready to take along to the hospital.

My friend came to the rescue. She picked up the kids and me and Joel flew around trying to get stuff ready. Joel wanted to go. There was no way on earth he wanted to deliver this child! ;)

A whole 12 hours after labor started, Ms. Madalyn made her first appearance.

We fell in love! Her tiny hands and feet. Her innocent little cry. Her tiny nose.Her soft little lips.
...It was perfection...

I am amazed, and humbled, grateful and so excited that God blessed us with another healthy, sweet baby to love on. The responsiblity of raising these  precious ones is great. We count it a priviledge that God chose us to parent these three. We count on Him to give us the wisdom needed to raise them for Him.
The hospital stay was great! I was spoiled. I could call anytime I needed something and it was handed to me :) I loved the opportunity to look through the menu at mealtime, call the kitchen and order MY choice of food. It was good food! :)
The nurses were great!
I got to rest up.
It was wonderful.
I was excited to come home though! The first night I was home, we sat down to eat supper and Brax looked at me and said "I'm so glad you're home mommy." I melted!
The first day here was exhausting.Reality hit hard with the two oldest. Tears came alot quicker, attitudes soured a bit.But I think after 5 days they are slowly adjusting to a "new normal." So am I. Part of the new normal for me is getting up every 3 hours during the night. I cheat a little sometimes and let her sleep till she wakes up and then it's closer to 4 hours. (Don't tell Doc that!) ;)
Now I'm doing this thing called "recovery." This is the hardest part for me. I feel like I recovered well. But everyone here seems to think I dare not do much! I guess with my history of hemoraging, everyone is scared. I try to obey - somewhat. But I think it's good for me to do what I can, a little at a time.I can't wait to go shopping and all that kind of fun stuff. It will come.
 For now I'm feeding and cuddling my baby -  and sometimes doing dishes and laundry and cleaning up the house : D All on a moderate level of course! :) Angela glories in her power to tell me to sit down, or take a nap!
A big thank you to everyone who has given time towards helping us out! From taking our children for the day, to bringing me shampoo, washing baby clothes I didn't have time to get ready! :) making us meals and cleaning up the house etc, etc. It is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted! I hope to be able to do my share of helping others before to long!
Today Madalyn is 1 week old!
I really can't believe it's been a week already!
We love you Madalyn Skye!
We thank heaven for you!
You're our beautiful little girl. A touch of heaven in our home.
So innocent. So sweet.
Forever we will love you!


  1. she's beautiful! blessings to all of you!

  2. glad things are going good:) It all sounds so familar.. :) the adusting, recovery, etc, etc... :) Rest up good.. enjoy your sister time...
    I like the pic of the kids and joel with madalyn.. pushing the cart.. cute!