Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pictures :)

Ok, so I decided now that this blogger is finally letting me upload pictures I will sit down and make time to update with a few pictures, for those of you that love to keep up with me and mine :). The kids just TOTALLY enjoyed the beach the other weekend. It's actually fun taking them now that they can occupy themselves.

And they think sleeping in a motel is THE COOLEST thing ever! I love my kids :) and how it doesn't take much to make them happy :)

I can't believe my Braxton is 4 1/2 already! He lights up our home with his sense of humor and charm! He definitley uses his humor to his advantage at times ;) He's a fun loving little guy with a very strong personality. His memory amazes me! Right now we are working on memorizing Psalm 23 and he knows up to verse 4.He looks out for his little sister. She's lucky to have him for a big brother! He thinks stuff through as much as she doesn't, but he's right there to help her out if she needs him :) Bella, our puppy is a playful puppy that jumps and runs and wants to play all the time, but sometimes she's to much for Hailey. She can actually knock Hailey over and Hailey gets so upset.But it warms my heart when I look out my window and see Braxton go over to Hailey, take her hand and come walking my way with her.He's definitley got his daddy's soft heart!

They thought "family night out" at Frankies Fun park was pretty awesome. I thought so too! I love time spent with my little family. They had so much fun mini golfing. We got our laughs, that's for sure!

Hailey is definitley a mama's girl but in the last 6 months I have seen her draw near and dear to her daddy! She'll get up in the mornings and ask where daddy is and run and squeal with delight in the evenings when he comes home. Her daddy (and mama ;) )  love to tease her because she is so funny when teased! She is learning to stand strong and hold her ground! The other night Joel was teasing her, and he had her swallowing hard a few times but she stood firm and strong and stayed on top of that one. I thought it was so funny! She loves to kiss the baby and will randomly walk over to me and kiss my stomach. She's going to be quite the "mommy"  this this next baby :)

In just a little over a week I get to spend an anniversary weekend with this man. I can't wait. I am so blessed to have my best friend as my husband! It's been a wonderful 6 years and I'm excited to see what the next 6 years hold for us!

I love my little family and time spent with them!

Well, I can do more pictures later. My little ones are now stirring so that means I will have to go get them breakfast :) And, it is high time for me to run and start my day! Hope all of you have a great day!

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