Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer Fun and 28 weeks

Well, whataya know!? We're still alive! I know it totally goes against blog manners to ignore your blog for so long! I mean, really, pretty much all summer I've ignored this part of the world. Lack of inspiration and time. But here I am, to give you a quick update of all that's going on in our world.

This summer has been a challange. I'm not even gonna go into detail but lets just say I'm a work in progress,one of God's slow learners but I am glad for all that He's been teaching me.And in those low times, it always helps to remember that He teaches us because He loves us. Still sometimes when God starts pointing things out, it's tough! And with the pregnancy hormones to place on top of that, it's alot tougher! :) But He saw me through - and my husband, he's been such a dear and stuck right with me. I love him more as the time goes by.

Talking about my husband...the six short years we've been together have been so incredibly awesome! After Jesus, he is my best friend and I can't ever imagine leaving him for the love of someone else! And the reason I say this, is because yesterday my mom told me this story of an 80 year old guy that divorced his wife of 60 years for a "younger chickof 70 something." Yes, that makes my blood boil! 60 years!!! Still makes me mad everytime I think of it! So sickening... On to happier thoughts...

Since I started this post last week, and am finally back to finish it, I have actually reached my 29 week mark. Yes, I am so not ready yet! I have alot of cleaning to do yet, we have names to pick out and I have shopping to do for the baby. whew!
Joel came home last night and said (very jokingly of course) that we need to have another baby after this one because of all the cleaning and oraganizing that is suddenly going on. Help!! maybe I should quit the nesting process ;)
I considered myself a fairly good housekeeper until I got into the corners and cabinets! Horrors..but I guess this summer has been unusually busy so I'll blame it on that! ;)
I'm having to remind myself that I need to make time to do some fun things in between because my mind is one track right now and that sadly is cleaning! :(

Braxton and Hailey are growing up too fast! They are both riding bikes without training wheels now.Not sure why that hit me the way it did but suddenly I'm like, "ok you two, you may slow down the growth process just a tad now!" If you know me, that's amazing I even feel that way because ever since they'd been born I was so excited for them to hit the next stage -( would you already just pee in the potty, or walk, or talk or eat by yourself!) I guess once they hit age 3 I start enjoying them a whole lot more. They're so funny and keep me laughing!We can communicate well, be silly together and they start asking the cutest questions! ("why mommy?" is not included in cutest questions, just in case you wondered!) I think it's funny because sometimes when something goes wrong they'll wonder why it happened that way and I just tell them "oh because, sometimes things like that happen." So when Braxton asked me why something was the way it was the other day, Hailey answered "cuz, somtimes things like that happen." :) It scares me how much they pick up! Definitley keeps me on my toes!

Well, since blogger will NOT let me upload pictures I'm going to quit writing because this is looking like a rather boring blog update! I need to figure out what the problem is but I did wanted to let you guys know we're still around! :) Just pretend this is a snail mail letter, you know, like the ones back in the 60's and 70's that you would so eagerly grab out of the mailbox and  read, even if there were no pictures included and it was incredibly boring! ;)

hope y'all have a lovely week! I'm off to more cleaning and organizing ;)


  1. ready or not here it(baby) comes .. and trust me you'll be plain ready when you are at my stage:).. anyhoo.. really? leave your wife after 60 yrs? I think his dementia musta been already started cuz that is just crazy!!
    and wow! way to go with hailey already riding without training wheels..brooklyn has yet to learn how to pedal a bike with training wheels!!!have a great day and have fun cleaning:)

  2. I enjoyed the update! B and H are really growing up! I'm sure they are gonna enjoy a new sibling immensely.
    Hey, come join the Liberian party at Open House next month. We've been asked to sing traditional Liberian songs in front of everybody. It's gonna be a fun group, I know and i can't wait to relive Liberia for a weekend.
    All the best to you and yours!