Monday, October 24, 2011

~ 5 Years! ~

 This month marks 5 years that I've been married to the wonderful man that I loved back then ... and love even more now! I don't even know where to start! We've had so much happen over the last five years - moving, moving,  out of state moving, kids, moving, job changes, new church, moving, ER visits (way to many for 5 years!) You may notice all the moving I put into that sentence and before you start judging me for exaggeration,please don't! Because every "moving" that I wrote in that sentence actually happened ;) Yes, it did.We have moved way to much in our 5 years.But sometimes that's how it goes.We have finally moved into our church community and I told Joel I just want to stay here for the next 20 years ;) Maybe 40! We didn't warn Matt's ( our new landlord) that they may have a very,very,very,difficult time getting us out of this place,in fact,if they want us to move any time soon they may literally have to drag us out - and if they drag us out I will be fighting...screaming,clawing,crying,kicking....ok,you get the picture! We've looked at way to many places,had way to much stuff fall through the cracks and now we're here,and I'm happy :) Extremely happy,so happy that ,good chance the above scene would actually happen if needed : D
Are we settled ? is the question I've been hearing.I don't mind the question at all,just in case you asked me and you're reading this ;) "We're gettin' there" would be my answer.Once I can have a place for my storage stuff instead of the carport,it'll all be great.Those boxes piled in the corner bug me!Other stuff I can work on as I have time.
Back to the five year thing now :) This last weekend me and my dear hubby took off for the weekend! Yep,we acted like we had no responsibility,left the kids off with Jan and went.It was such a refreshing,wonderful,relaxing weekend.Exactly what we needed! My mind has been stretched trying to get everything together to move and then we moved and it was the "movers mess" after that.So like I said this weekend was exactly what we needed!
How's that for handsome!? ;)

We went to Charlotte and totally had a great weekend of sleeping in,eating,staying up late,sleeping in,eating,eating ( btw,I ate salad for lunch today ;). Saturday we spent the day shopping - yes,literally.I was so excited! We've wanted to go to Ikea for a long time so we decided to do that this weekend.I know,sounds funny for an anniversary trip but it was "da bomb." Oh and then we went to Bass Pro Shops in the evening and later went to watch "Courageous". All around fun weekend to me! And I loved the flowers we got too!

Two beautiful Mum plants from my hubby,because he knew I wanted them so much!

A GORGEOUS boquet from my mum & pops & baby sister

And a BEAUTIFUL boquet from my grandparents - pretty pink roses and calalilies!
I love having fresh flowers around the house.It's so cheery and pretty! And thinking about the people that sent them always warms me :) 
Yep,it's been a wondeful 5 years and I'm hoping for many more to spend with my Awesome Man! I love him so much and thank God for him! I am beyond blessed.

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  1. Sounds like a super fun weekend!! last i heard you were going to Charleston.. guess plans got changed? :) Can't wait to see what all you got from Ikea!