Monday, October 24, 2011

Helicopters,leaves and cute kids...

I decided an anniversary post was so special,it deserved to be a subject all to itself - so,now on the same day I will do another post! Amazing,hu? Two posts in one day from me! Yep,amazing indeed.

Earlier this month Jason brought the helicopter to school to give the kids rides.The rest of us not in school were invited to come and take rides too, if we wanted.Since Joel didn't have to work that day,we decided him and Braxton could go for a ride.Let me give you a parenting tip here..."never,ever, tell your 3 year old the night before,that maybe tomorrow he can have a helicopter ride!" He will be asking you that night to pack a snack to take along and he may have a very,very hard time settling down to sleep! Trust me on this.(It probably didn't help that it was the first night at our "new house" which was very exciting to him : ) )
He was so excited...and I really thought I knew my little boy fairly well and figured once he sees those big scary blades and hears that loud,thundering noise he wouldn't go anywhere near that big,scary chopper.And my plan was that if Braxton refused to go with Joel than I'll go and fill his seat.I was slightly dissappointed :) because he marched up to that helicopter,got in and after they landed came off beaming from ear to ear! I was extremely glad he had fun tho' so...

We've been having beautiful fall weather! And it has gotten me into the mood to cook! I have stacks of Taste of Home magazines that I'm going through right now and I'm cutting out all the recipes that I want to try.And there's ALOT! So,I came up with this awesome idea that I'm going to try a new recipe every week and share it with you. So at least I'll be able to blog once a week now ;) I'm hungry for pumpkin things right now.A recipe I want to try this week is one I found for pumpkin cheesecake.It looks so yummy but since I can't eat to much cheesecake and the rest of my lil family neither,I may need some help devouring it :)
I went out to mow our lawn for the first time since we moved.It's a new lawn for me and since I can't stand crooked lines and such it took me awhile getting it mowed to my satisfaction! To some it would probably have been comical because I left a few big skippers(which I later did mow) in attempt to straighten my lines.But if I have crooked rows it bugs me!!!! :)And then after mowing through a roll of string that got caught up in the blades,I was down on my knees cutting it off!I finally did get it mowed.
It was slightly boring mowing with our John Deere since I got used to Joel's cadillac AKA walker, that he uses on his yards,but the John Deere does the job so I won't complain ;)
And I promised the children that after I was done mowing I would rake leaves and let them play in the pile.So we went and just had a fun time.

I figured you grandparents would appreciate the pictures! ;)

Happy Fall to all of you!

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