Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hey Dad,

I miss you.
This morning I would love to call you.
I'd love to hear your voice.
I'd love to hear you give me advice! (imagine that! :) :) )

The unfairness of life suddenly hit me... really hard.
I'm thinking you would probably tell me that's just how life is.
Life isn't always fair.
But I would still just really want to hear you say person.

I know the things we face in life are always for our good.
Even if we don't see it.
They better us.Eventually.If we let them.

I got to watch you "handle life."
I got to watch you walk through the unfair things.
Really,really unfair things.
You did it with such grace and humbleness.
 I know that you did it with God.
Your life proves to me that it's possible.

So,I'm going to keep trying.
I'm going to try to accept the the unfairness...with grace and humbleness,just like you did.

To be perfectly honest,there's days when I totally don't want to try.
There's days I want to be ugly.
Days like today.
But I'm going to reach out to God.
 That's what you did.
And it worked.
I love you dad.I love the example you set for us.

Hailey has been talking about visiting your grave.
Remember how I told you she was so bummed that we won't see you at Christmas?
Well,she's accepting the fact that we won't see you in person,but she's really excited about visiting your grave. She's mentioned it the last two days now.
I'm sure we'll put on some pretty flowers.Not that you were really a flower guy or anything like that :)
 But it's therapy.
Making your grave look nice.
 It's something we love to do.
Because you deserve it.

Anyway,that's all for now.
I'm gonna go try to be mature and quit my pity party... just
like you'd want me to do :) :) and realize that life isn't fair.It never will be.

I think of you often! When I look at the beautiful clouds.
And I just think about how you get to see God do all of these wonderful things,how he commands the rain,and the storms,and everything beautiful that happens down here.
And I'm so happy that you get to enjoy all of that beauty and love!

Love ya always!

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  1. Oh Staci, my heart is just breaking for you. It really hit me when I saw the pictures that your dad really is gone. He was such a nice man, always smiling and joking and caring. That's how I remember him and I know you do too.
    I hope you feel God's arms extra close today.