Monday, July 29, 2013

Busy Lives Need a Getaway Now and Then

Did you ever get that feeling that life is way to busy and is passing much to quickly?
And when you stop to think about it you realize you are missing out on so many moments.
Moments that you should be laughing and enjoying.
But instead your running here, running there, trying to meet a much to busy schedule.
It might all be good stuff, stuff that needs to be done. But sometimes it just catches up with you!
Summertime seems to do that to us.
Even if you cut stuff out there's always something else there to take it's place.
And I think it probably seems worse to me having three little ones to take care of. Seems like I always have something to do and will never catch up :) So sometimes things just don't get done.(this week my house didn't get cleaned. Seriously.)
  Friday I was super excited about having a day off of my normal housework and headed to work with Joel. (Let me just say, that if you ever have a chance to head to work with your man, do it! I realize some men have jobs that it's not possible and that's ok. I'm only talking about when it's possible) In our case it is possible for me to work with him every now and then, and I love it! We joke and laugh while we work. And sometimes we discuss the serious things in life. Every now and then we work "shoulder to shoulder." (If you've ever gone through the love and respect series you will understand that term) In our case it means I shut up and we work in silence :) :) :)
Anyway, we had a great day and by the end of the day we had a spontaneous trip to the beach planned. I mentioned the beach and he was thinking along those same lines.(great minds think alike :) ) We had wanted to take the kids sometime this summer anyway.
So we headed home. Hubby booked a motel and I  did only what I needed to get done. That included washing clothes, and doing the rest of the peaches. Which only was a few. And wiping down the toilets (that really is a "need to do!" right?) oh and sweeping the carpets! (I hate carpet filth)
I decided the sticky kitchen floor wasn't a "need to do"! And the layer of dust everywhere wasn't a "need to do" and the could wait! 
So Saturday morning found us heading to Savannah with some very excited children.

We had never been in Savannah before to "vacation." We usually head to Charleston. But with a little coaxing I convinced Joel that it'd be fun to try something new.
Savannah was great. But I do think Charleston is better  ;)

I love their expressions on this picture! :)
We all had a great time. Maddie LOVED it! She ate sand for her lunch...ok, not really. But she did eat sand!

We went to Tybee Island. It's a beautiful island with a very nice beach. The beach was packed full. We don't very often go right in the middle of summer like this. Usually our beach trips happen more at the end or the beginning of summer "vacationers." So it probably seemed extra full to us. For the most part it was ok. But when you catch sight of a "couple", who both happen to be the same gender, "enjoying" the beach, it's not quite so pleasant. Anyway, I'll leave it at that.

Lil' "snookum's" did great! She took a good nap in her stroller. I'm just amazed how good she does on weekends like this.

Braxton and Hailey absolutely LOVED it. They especially loved when Joel was helping them build sand castles. I don't mind getting dirty, but getting sandy and wet is a whole different story! So I sat in the chair and took in the beautiful sight of "daddy playing with children." :)

We did go "tour" the little town of Savannah. And I was not happy because I forgot the camera in the car. So all day Sunday I didn't get any pictures of anything.
I think our favorite stop was the candy store. We always visit the one in Charleston and Braxton wanted to go there. So we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled across a cute little candy store in Savannah :)

It was a weekend of memories we made with our little family. Sometimes it's just good to leave the busy-ness of life and pretend like we have no responsibilities! :)
Monday morning we are always reminded that there are plenty responsibilities left to deal with :)

Happy Monday to everyone and may you be blessed with a wonderful week ahead!


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