Thursday, May 10, 2012

Something to blog about...

Inspiration to write has been on a very low level the last while! But the newest member of the family inspired me to update our blog ;)

Last night we made a quick, last minute descision to go pick up a cute little,brindle colored, boxer puppy. We've been wanting a dog for quite awhile already and just never found quite the right one. Joel came home from work, was browsing the dog advertisments and came across these beautiful boxer puppies. Ends up they are only 5 1/2 weeks old and soooooooo cute! We called the people, hurried and got ready and off we went. (On the way home Joel looked at me and said, "this is so us. Last minute!" ;) That's how we roll around here.Last minute descisions seem to work well better for us most of the time! :)

This is just a bunch of cuteness!! ;)

This little girl is head over heels!

The pup will get lots of love and attention at this house! We can't seem to agree on a name for the little girl... dolly is my choice, dixie is Joel's choice, Braxton thinks poochy would be cute, and my sister thinks we have such a poor taste in dog names ;) I don't know, maybe that perfect "yay-we-love-it-thats-perfect-name" will surface in the next few days :) Naming a dog seems to be as hard as naming a child : D For now she's "Dolly" :)

Y'all have a great week!

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  1. Cute puppy! I'm sure it'll get lots of love and attention.. maybe more then it wants at times?:)