Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthdays and Such

May is always a full month for us. My sister has a birthday on the second, Braxton and Hailey have birthdays on the 17th and 27th, mom an dad have an anniversary on the 20th, and of course there's Mother's Day and my grandma's birthday...ya, it's just a full month! :)
This year I kept all of it simple. I didn't have the git and energy to things done like I normally do! Being I was pregnant? or just because we were extremely busy most of the month? I don't know, could be a little of both but the busy part really made it worse!

I always try to make the children's birthdays special.And this year it was very special for them because Papa and Grammy came to spend the weekend.They waited and waited for that weekend and now it's over already! But we had a great time with them while we had them!

The morning of Braxton's birthday ended up being a dreary,rainy morning and Joel had off of work so we all headed to The Little Bake Shoppe to celebrate with his favorite powdered sugar doughnuts.

Yes, they LOVE those messy, yummy, sugary, delicious doughnets!

In the evening took him out to eat at the restaurant of his choice. Which ended up being Pizza Hut when it was all said and done :) We had a fun evening - he was quite dissappointed when he discovered he left his race car card from us at pizza hut. He settled for the puppy card we gave him to replace it :)

Mom and dad were here over Hailey's birthday so that was special for her/all of us!
Saturday night we took mom and dad, my little sister and the kids to Kobe for supper. That is a Japenese Steakhouse we have here.They cook the food in front of you, and just as a warning, if your children are a little on the nervous side you may not want to take them there! ;D Hailey had me flying out of my seat,running to the bathroom with her because she had to puke! or so she said :) She leaned over the pot and never did end up puking but I'm purty sure her stomach was in a turmoil because the fire the chef created had her nerves all afrazzle! : D She barely touched her food!

After supper we had a little birthday party for the kids at the park. Their cakes turned out less than perfect this year because it was the last thing I felt like doing Saturday morning! But because I dearly love them I wanted them to have their special cakes! ;) We hauled them up and tried to keep them cool while we were in the restaurant.Unfortunatley the icing started sliding till we got to the park but they were happy anyway! :)
It was their big smiles that really mattered!

Braxton looked at this picture and laughed a little and said " I think we liked our gifts" :) It was a special time for them.
Hailey loves her Papa! When I refused to hold her she ran to Papa...guess she knows he'll give her what she wants :D

My dad developed a liking for golf while he was here. I think with a little more practice he'd do well on the greens :)

Notice Bella chewing on my moms skirt?! ;D Mom and Bella didn't get along so well but Bella seemed to have quite the attraction to mom and her skirt! Was it the beautiful blue or was it the resentment she felt from mom that attracted her back to mom? ;D I don't know but it was kinda funny :)
I will once again say it was a wonderful weekend! I love having my parents come visit!

I  was going to add pictures of our fun camping trip the other weekend, but I came up with this very last minute idea to go spend the day at the zoo, so I'd better run and get ready because Jan will be here after awhile.

I can't wait to go see my great uncle! He's always the best lookin' there at the zoo!!! ;)

Y'all have a fabulous rest of the week! I will be back with more pictures before to long!



  1. Cute cakes.. whats on the top of hailey's?.. My kids are dying to have their bdays next (specially Carter):)... Looks like y'all had a wonderful family weekend!! too bad your other sister couldn't have been there!!

    1. Hailey's cake had a monkey face on top of it but because of the runny icing that I didn't feel like fixing and the fact that my browns weren't contrasted as much as they should've been it didn't show up real well unless you were close :) She liked it anyway, hopefully by next year I'll feel like putting in more time! We did have a good weekend with my family and it would've been great if Angela would've been here too, but it was her own fault she wasn't ;)