Monday, March 12, 2012


Are you happy? I am! The last while I have thought of how much my life is blest - I could probably give you a million reasons right why I could be sad or angry, but I choose happiness.Because of all those million reasons, I have 2 million more that I can be happy about! God blessed us so richly.

Here are just a few of the millions of reasons that I'm happy....

That I can have eternal life! This thought is so exciting to me.And I'm so happy and excited that we get to explain God's plan to our children.Their favorite song right now is "Jesus Loves the Little Children." I usually sing the second verse too that says "Jesus died for all the children." So they've been asking the last while why Jesus died for all the children.It's been a pleasure trying to explain to them,even tho' they don't really understand  yet.I'm just so happy for our Christian heritage and a country where we can live our Christian lives in freedom.

I'm happy for a husband who likes to make me feel special - I see qualities in him that I can learn so much from.His heart for others is one area I'm learning so much from him!  I'm just happy that God chose me to be Joel's wife ;)

He wanted to decorate a cake for me and his sister. I was amazed and quite proud with what he accomplished! :)

I am so happy that my children are FINALLY playing outside by themselves :) And I'm happy that they have a nice yard to play in with a nice tree that keeps them occupied for a very long time.

They love this tree! It is their "house." The other day we had a lemonade party under this tree :) I'm happy for the children we are blessed with.Children that make our life so interesting and fun ( and sometimes very complicated ;) ) They're not always easy but times like this far outweigh the bad.

There's even a place to hang your hat!

And a "swimming pool"

Yes,they make me happy!

I'm happy for a mom who knows my flaws and loves me anyway.She encourages me along.When I feel like I'm failing she's right there telling me I'm doing a good job :) She's so much fun to hang out with - yes, she's been a great mom.
And my dad makes me happy :) He's been there with helpful advice, answered hundreds of  "why" questions and he's still so patient and kind.He loves his family and has always been there for us.

Goofy, funny sisters make me happy!

Spring makes me happy! Picnics with friends at my picnic table...(there's been a few already and I hope a whole lot more picnics to come.)

...There's a gazillion other things that make me happy....

Happiness gives us a bright outlook on life!

Be happy :)

One of my friends had this on her facebook and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it with you.

Life is a gift, I accept it.
Life is an adventure,I dare it.
Life is a mystery, I'm unfolding it.
Life is a puzzle,I'm solving it.
Life is a game,I play it.
Life can be a struggle,I'm facing it.
Life is beauty,I praise it.
Life is an opportunity,I took it.
Life is my mission,I'm fulfilling it.

Give life your best and you will be happy.
Much love to all, Staci


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