Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh the Suprises of Valentines...

.... I am totally not one of those that thinks you let your love notes and cards and all the kisses and hugs till Valentines, but since I am a lover of holidays, I do enjoy Valentines alot :)
 The other week Joel told me he had a surprise weekend planned.He had gotten a baby sitter for the weekend - but he wouldn't give me any more details.When that man plans a secret,he keeps a secret!         
 Unlike me,who has to throw little hints here and there because as much as I love surprises, I love giving them too but have a hard time keeping a good surprise for long.
 He finally had me so confused I didn't know what to think - was it for Valentines,was it not? Was it just the two of us, or not? Was it far away,was it close? What for clothes should I pack? Dressy or not dressy? It was finally to much!I made him look through the clothes I had packed to make sure they were ok! Later I found out he packed some for me behind my back! Told you he keeps a secret.            
 Anyhow...The day came when the surprise was finally revealed.He and his brothers rented a cabin in the smokies for the weekend. It was supposed to be a surprise for the wives but the northern wives knew before they ever got there.Me and Gina were surprised :)

It was a cute little cabin and we had a wonderful weekend,just hangin out and takin' it easy! It was a nice surprise! There was only 2 babies there, babies I didn't have to take care of so it felt really free :)

I'd say I have a great set of sister- in- laws and brother- in- laws.It was fun being with all of them again since we don't get to see each other that often.

I decided I'm going to do a special "heart shaped" Valentines supper here at home with the children.They always love that kind of stuff.It makes them and hubby happy so it makes me happy too :)

We had heart shaped chicken turnovers, boiled,smashed,seasoned potatoes ( I will post that recipe,they are super easy and yummy) corn, and cucumber salad. Then we topped off the meal with heart shaped brownies, icecream and  chocolate covered strawberries.It's fun doing that kind of thing every now and then :)

Here's hoping all of you had an extra special Valentines (like I did) and wish for all of you that the love will continue all year long and for the rest of your lives! :)

 And now before I bore anyone for any longer,I will sign out! Because I didn't have alot of time, I have a feeling this post turned out a little 'blah' sounding :)
 And since I have something else on my mind (the reason I couldn't focus to much on this post),that includes a deal with hubby, I'd better run and get my part of the deal done for the day :)

Much love to all  ~ Staci


  1. looks like a cute lil v-day supper and a fun weekend as well!!:) and i can't help but wonder what your "deal" is with your hubby.. Maybe i don't want to know.. lol...;)

    1. Well,Alyssa...I have this really great work out DVD that I really want to stick to but never have the self dicipline if you know what I mean - cuz you know how much I hate working out! ;) So anyway,me and hubs worked it out that I do my part of stickin to it and he rewards me :) Good incenitive I'd say :) And before you think he is making me do this,he's not.I want to ;)