Monday, August 31, 2015

Homeschooling And a Few Recipes

Homeschooling for our family is a new normal - well,not sure if I should call it a normal yet! :)

I decided that I'd like to share with y'all about our homeschooling experience throughout this year.

If you would have asked me even two years ago if I would consider homeschooling, I might have looked at you a little funny.That was definitely NOT on my list along side mothering! ;) Lets just say God has a way of changing mind and attitude as He sees fit.

With our move to Texas we decided to give homeschooling a shot. There were a few things that made us lean in that direction. A big one for me was that we fell in love with the Abeka Curriculum and the fact that we could put two children through school for a price less than it would have cost to put one child through private school.

And as we discussed it more, it sounded more and more appealing to me to go ahead and try it,give it a fair chance and see how it goes.

As the time to start got closer, I found myself dreading it more than I wanted to :) 

When we finally took a day to do some school shopping I did find my excitement again.

We are now starting our third week of homeschool and I will admit there are mixed emotions. Today I was dreading it. And sometimes I find myself whispering things of frustration under my breath ;) But I can't say that there is a one day that went just horrible.

Sometimes there are tears.
Sometimes frustration.
Some days take extra prayer.
It's stretching and at the same time it can be a time of growing if I allow it to be.
But most of all, if God brought us to it, He will bring us through it.

There are lots of good and funny things about it too!

I love it that I don't have to leave the house at a certain time.
The funny things the children say at times are entertaining and brighten the day.For example, Jack and Jill may or may not have been the first people God created. :)

It's definitely a journey and I want to embrace it with JOY.

Is there something that you thought you would NEVER do if you had a choice?

Let me just say that if I can home school , that's a sure sign that if God wants you to do a "Never" then His grace will definitely be there :) :)

Speaking of school, my little sister entered seventh grade this year.How is that even possible??

Now for the recipes.
This week I tried two new recipes that were a hit with this mama :)

When I got married to my husband it didn't take long to figure out that no-bake cookies were a favorite around their house growing up. It was even said that there was a certain brother that made a batch and hid them under the bed.I assume it was to ensure that he got his share ;) He's a great guy but I guess he was serious about his no-bake cookies! :)

We are not a sugar free home but we do like to cut back if we can.And I'm not here saying these are the healthiest snack ever...but a persons got to have a no bake cookie every now and then, and I feel alot better about eating these.Give them a try with an open mind :) If you're married to a man that knows his no-bake cookies, well then, he will detect the difference.But that doesn't say he won't love them! :) :)

The second recipe I tried was this fabulous,wonderful,melt in your mouth cornbread! :) Yes, I loved it that much!! 

So the next time you cook a pot of chili, make this cornbread.Slather it it with butter and douse it with honey.Your mouth will thank you! :)

****A quick edit here****** I forgot to mention the cornbread recipe turned out to be a really stiff batter. Not sure if it was me or the recipe :) A little extra milk fixed that right up to a better consistency.

I need to run and feed the little mouths around here now.
May God's grace run deep for you this week!

<3 - Staci

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