Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear Madi

Photo Credits to
Heidi did a great job at capturing Madi's personality. She does so well working with kids that don't think picture taking is really that great. Thank you to Heidi, I have some great 1 year old pictures celebrating Madi.

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl!

Dear Madi,
I hope you grow up to be smart,tough and wise
but I also hope that you always have
the same innocence in your eyes.

It's hard to believe that you, our little Madi are one already! You actually turned 1 on November 28 already but  mommy seems to always be behind on blogging these days :) :)
You have brought a lot of life into our family.
I forgot how busy a baby seems to keep me.And you seem extra busy and some days you very nearly have me in tears! :)
But I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with you, a happy,healthy baby even though you have the ability to make our house look like a tornado zone :) We'd never trade you for a cleaner more organized house! I think you are one way God is teaching me about what's really important in life.

You have taught me so much...even in just the last week.
Today I was watching you walk.
You were walking through leaves that were thick and hard for you to navigate.
You took  one little step and then you'd fall over.You'd try again and fall over...and again,and again...
Until I came to your rescue, held your little hand in mine and helped you out of the "rough terrain."
When I was watching you try and try again I was reminded of myself, and how when I try to take a step forward in life, and I "fall over" again and again.
And how Jesus comes and takes my hand and helps me along.

Watching you fail to walk through the leaves but never give up,just reminded me that even when I fail so often in life, I should never,ever even think of quitting.
Jesus is always right there, watching me and helping me along.

You are an inspiration my darling!

There was never a child so lovely but his  her mother was glad to get him her to sleep.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nap-time is always a highlight at this house :) It gives me the time to recharge a little and to be again fully equipped with strength to make it through the rest of the day :) Energy to keep up with you :)

When my husband comes home,and if the kids are still alive, I figure I've done my job.
-Rosanne Barr

Some days keeping you children alive is maybe all that I get done.But that is enough.That is why I'm here, to take care of you and love you.
Motherhood is a rewarding job,a job that I wouldn't ever trade.
If all I ever get in return are those hugs and wet kisses, that is enough!Traces of your innocent love.Things that make me all fuzzy inside.

Having the privilege to be your mommy is a gift straight from heaven. I'm so thankful for the blessing that you and your brother and sister are to me and your daddy.

My prayer is that you grow up to be passionate about God. Use that 
energy and determination of yours for His Kingdom.

 Happy Birthday again my sweet Madi .
Thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me in these 12 short months.

You are a blessing!

You were prayed for!

I thank God for you!

With all my love, mommy

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