Thursday, July 5, 2012

The yucks of life...

 This week has been a rough week - no sugar coating it! :) There's things ( yucks as I like to call them) that God has been asking me to deal with, things I don't understand. I wasn't ok with any of it either and I've been fighting it by being in a bad mood and grumpy!
  It really was bad because last night when we were playing the "Thomas Memory Game" with the kids, one of them flipped over the picture of "cranky the crane" and Joel just looked up at me and pointed at me - I got it - he really thought I was "cranky!" :) It's kinda funny now...
 This morning I sat down to have my devotions and simply cry out to God asking for His help. It's amazing what a little God time can do for a person!
 Did all my "rough" things fly away? No, not really but He's able to give me peace in the midst of the storm. And even tho' I'm still having to deal with the very same issues, I know God is with me, He'll give me the strength to deal with it!
 And in the mean time I want to let the pressure shape my life into a diamond that God can use at His dissposal. 

Wishing you guys a great week! :)


  1. Hmm.. maybe i can buy you one of those face masks for you to wear(if the smell is still part of the issue!!)?!:)
    Hope your week gets better!!

    1. Well to be truthfully honest the whole "smell thing" was the least of my issues! ;) Although it sure didn't help my mood any!!! And just wait until you hear what actually caused it!(the smell that is, not my issue! ;) ) bleh! Glad to finally be at the root of the smelly problem!