Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things that make me thankful and happy....

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.Have you ever thought about all the things you are truly grateful for? There's little things that I'm thankful for...little things like, more counter space,more cupboard space,a washer that really works and a dryer that really drys things.... These are some of the smaller things but even small things count!
Than there's big things awesome family,the freedom we have in our country,food to eat,a house to live in,warm showers....and the list could go on.These truly are BIG things because there's lots of people around the world that don't have either of the things I just mentioned!
Anyway,I was not planning a "Thanksgiving post" here, but lets not forget to be so very grateful and thankful to the ONE who provides us with all things good.A happy spirit is a grateful spirit.

I thought I would share with you a few things that made me super happy this past week.

I looked out our front window the other morning and it hit me at the beauty I can see first thing in the morning,right out my front window.The fall colors are so bright and brilliant here this year,more than I remember in the 3 years we've been here.

(The next pictures you will just have to look past the quality.I still have not mastered the art of taking pictures in bad lighting, so bear with me)

This pretty bookshelf made this lady super,super happy! The dear hubby grabbed it up at an auction for a grand $21! It is a heavy duty bookshelf that fit right into our space.Here at the trailer we are in need of more storage so it was fun to put in extra shelving around here for all our book like things ;)
Next time I'm going along to the auction because it's hard telling what other good deals he let there! ;)

This lamp was found at our local Goodwill.I love going in there to see what I can find.Anyway,we were in need of lamps and I found this one.Exactly the style I was looking for but even tho' I don't care for the shade,I knew I can take care of that. It was priced at $10 - a lil more than I like to give at a goodwill but since it was exactly the style I was looking for I decided I'll give $10. Better than $30 - $40 at Target,right? ;) So I took the lamp and another decor Item I had found,got up to the cash register and cha-ching! My total was $6.??.  I had a nice little surprise! The lamp was acutally in the half price category that day! I was excited about that little blessing!

And as alot of you know,I love couponing.I love the challange of it,and I also love the savings it brings.I'm not a pro by any means, and I'm totally not an EXTREME COUPONER. The last few months I had lost a little interest because sales were not great! and it just wasn't working to stay in my budget.So I slacked for a few weeks,partly because of busy-ness and partly because it wasn't as fun when sales weren't as good! ;) Anyway,the last few weeks have been less hectic and I decided to put my all back into it and see what happens...well I was so tickled how my efforts paid off at publix! I got $80 worth of groceries for $30.(to some this may be an everyday occurance.To me it's an accomplishment) Am I bragging? no.I'm just extremely happy to feel like I'm saving on our groceries again.And the best part is when the cashier is excited too and tells you "good job,come again!" I love that old lady,she's the best!

These two make me happy too.They're little balls of happy energy.They keep our place so lively,and the older they get,the livelier it gets :) And they keep us laughing! Today when I offered Braxton an apple for his snack, his reply to me was "no,I don't want that healthy stuff!" :D alrighty then! And tonight when I was holding Hailey in my lap I was kissing her all up and she said "I'm not a baby!" Guess she thinks the kissin's for babies!
I wish all of you a happy Sunday!

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